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ReCrown You is a guided journey through my life to educate, empower, and coach teen girls and millennial women how to restore your life, reset your mind, and reclaim your power while walking unapologetically and fearless into the life you desire and deserve. Brokenness? Daddy Issues? Troubles with Self-love? Domestic violence? Mental Health struggles? Childhood traumas? Held captive by your past? Are you the woman that walks around like you have it all together; when deep inside you don’t? Are you the woman that knows you are a superwoman, with a super-mind, and a superpower but can't figure out how to tap into it? Are you ready to take your life back?


Regardless of how stuck in the middle of all your mess you feel right now, YOU CAN get through this! You must! It is time to take your power back! You have to understand just how important it is to face your issues head on in order to release the true queen inside of you. ReCrown You gives you practical steps and exercises to help you navigate from the darkness and find your light that makes you the powerful woman you are and essentially learn the importance of re-crowning you.There is a direct correlation between your past and the future you desire for yourself; and it's holding you back. If you have ever struggled with self-love issues, past hurt and pain, depression, domestic violence, or just maneuvering through this life of being a “strong woman” overall, ReCrown You is for you!


In this book you will:-Learn the importance of facing your past problems to live YOUR best life and start your path to true mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom.-Position yourself to own your power as a woman and walk freely in who you are-Clearly define the things hindering you from your own personal development and growth so you can start your journey towards walking in and discovering your purpose.-Have a clear plan in each chapter to move past some of the hardest things women go through…..and much, much more!

Recrown You (book)

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